What is identity?

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Young artists, Kristina Jovanović and Sandra Stojanović, opened the #Identical exhibition as part of the McCann Steamboating project, by doing a performance through which they attempted to raise the question of identity, whilst leaving it to the audience to figure out the answers for themselves.

Kristina Jovanović, graphic designer, and Sandra Stojanović, visual artist and copywriter, met while working together at the creative team in McCann Belgrade agency. The series of spontaneous photographs in which their identicalness is questioned, inspired them to come up with an art project which digs deeper into the intriguing topic of human and artistic identity.

A number of artists and friends collaborated in the project, among which Branko Starčević, Photographer, and Marko Pejović, Director

What is identity? 1 What is identity? 2 What is identity? 3 What is identity? 4 What is identity? 5