Vanja Grbić: Letter to my younger self

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Do not be or pretend to be someone else.

Be You. Be who you are. What you are. Only then you will be worthy to look at yourself, look at your own eyes in the mirror reflection. And when you go wrong, you’re doing it by yourself. Not because you are scared, but because you want to do what you believe in.

People who have their integrity and follow their principles based on their moral fundamentals and beliefs are People. The others are just shelters which, due to their small interests, vegetate, but not live. They survive as pigs in mud. Without a goal. Motive. Inspiration. And they figure how to harm the People. And they envy the People. Because they are not worthy. Because they’re dirty. And they know it.

Act in such a way that, when you walk, you do it with your head raised, because you are consistent and proud of who you are, where you are from and who you represent. For you are pure before God yourself. That is the way to live. Get to know yourself. Do not be afraid to accept something bad about yourself or your limits. Keep improving. So that you know how much you can achieve. And try every day to overcome that limit. That’s what the REAL Olympics champions do. They do not win medals. Because many who won them are not worthy of them.

The Olympic champion is the philosophy of life. The way you work and live. Anyone who is willing to live for that religion can be it. This is the way. This is the road less traveled. And it’s not comfy. The comfort makes the genes lazy. The coziness has never created a top quality. Suffering, trouble and sorrow create the ultimate. Both results and people.

Live as if tomorrow, if you should die, you’d be proud of how you lived and all you gave. Life without purpose is life without meaning, unworthy of living. Manage your life and not depend on others.

Never accept compromises. This is called Freedom. And only a free man lives.


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