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Katarina Pribicevic, the director of strategic planning in advertising agency McCann Beograd, sat down exclusively with Marketing Mrežu to discuss how ‘yet undiscovered truths’ will impact on the field of communications in Serbia, if companies are ready to listen and venture outside of their comfort zone and to what degree the habits of consumers in Serbia differ to the rest of the region and the world.

McCann Truth Central aims to uncover yet undiscovered truths about the developments around us. Which “truths” are you specifically talking about and how are they going to impact on the field of communications in Serbia?
McCann Truth Central’s work focuses on the truth’s that aren’t yet understood. These are truths that change the understanding of the events and developments that occur around us. Through uncovering these truths, we uncover some unconventional means of communication, and maybe even new ways for today’s brands to respond to the needs of their consumers.

In which way is McCann Truth Central’s research significant for brands? Do you think that brands are ready to hear these truths and venture out of their comfort zone?
For brands that are ready to take the ‘step ahead’ and become a relevant feature in consumers everyday lives, possessing ‘yet undiscovered truths’ is an obligation, not a luxury. Brands that want to have their own personal and exclusive place on the map of consumers’ needs, and on the general map of the market, need to have a way to understand the lifestyle niches of consumers outside the brand context.

Recently, your agency McCann Beograd conducted research about mums. What truths will you present to us next?
In front of us is potentially one of the most meaningful pieces of research. It involves, namely, a comprehensive look at the notion and understanding of “wellness”, truths about the interpretation and experience of that which is beneficial for man today. This is a topic that concerns all consumer segments unrelated to demographics and lifestyle provisions, it is therefore the area in which the relevant insights can and should be found by all brands that desire to play a meaningful role in the modern life of Serbia and Serbian consumers.

How difficult is conducting market research today, and are Serbian consumers ready to talk about their habits?
Despite committed efforts to maintain their private information, the field of research is one of the most inventive areas these days. Namely, research techniques are progressing and there are constantly greater possibilities. In regards to McCann Truth Central, it’s a very specific case. This is a hub that develops research techniques on its own, while research agencies realize the parts of the project that deal with the in-field work. Qualitative and quantitative methods are equally utilized, while innovative online qualitative techniques are increasingly common.

Based on the most recent work of McCann Truth Central, to which extent do the habits of consumers in Serbia differ to the rest of the region and the world?
In the broadest sense, we can talk about differences in the dynamics of development, but not about a shortage of enthusiasm. Specific studies about mums, locally implemented, revealed the existence of the needs of local and global mothers, as well as recognizing the importance of technology in their lives. However, the benefits of its use and functionality are integrated into daily life to varying degrees. Therefore, needs do not differ at such a significant degree as much as the means by which they are fulfilled, which significantly affects the habits of consumers.

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