The Best of Genius Loci and three Silver Drums for McCann Beograd

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McCann Beograd most successful in Adriatic region at Golden Drum Festival

The Best of Genius Loci and three Silver Drums for McCann Beograd 1

„I (Dis)Own my Child“ campaign, realized by McCann Beograd in cooperation with UM Beograd agency, won The Best of Genius Loci (Local Spirit), and three Silver Drums at the Golden Drum Festival. The Best of Genius Loci awards the campaign with the most characteristic local spirit which highlights and celebrates different cultures. Three Silver Drums were awarded for Creative use of Media and Public & Community Relations in the Engagement category, and for Non-profit social good in the Social good category. As the most successful agency in the Adriatic region, McCann Beograd won the Golden Drum Adriatic Award, which contributed significantly to the success of McCann Worldgroup, named the most successful agency network at Golden Drum Festival fourth time in a row.

“Creativity is the core of our business. The awards represent both satisfaction for projects well-done, as well as a long-term investment in the growth of our agency’s business results. We are very pleased with our impact at Golden Drum, the most important festival in CEE. I’m very grateful to our partners, courageous brands that have the power to drive change not only in communication but also in society. I am proud of the teams at our agency, all our finalists, three silver and two prestigious awards, The Best of Genius Loci and Golden Drum Adriatic, as well as McCann Beograd’s contribution to the McCann Worldgroup Golden Net Award,” said Jelena Jazic, Managing Director of McCann Beograd.

Classified ads in the daily newspapers, in which parents do not renounce their children because of their sexual orientation and gender identity have aroused public interest not only in Serbia but also in the region. The advertisements were written by the parents themselves as part of a campaign designed for the “Da se zna” association by McCann Beograd, with the support of UM Beograd, as well as numerous public figures, organizations, and citizens.

“Sustainable creativity focuses on campaigns that exert some influence on society and sparks conversations on important topics. The “I (Dis)Own my Child” campaign did just that! It united the public in Serbia in support of the LGBTQ+ community, demonstrated the power of creative media planning, and transcended the borders of one state. McCann wins awards at the Golden Drum Festival the fifth year in a row. This continuity, as well as this year’s The Best of Genius Loci award, is a confirmation of our passion and dedication to projects and our clients, ”said Jana Savic Rastovac, Executive Creative Director at McCann Beograd.

The Best of Genius Loci and three Silver Drums for McCann Beograd 2

“Throughout the months of working on this campaign, everyone at the agency has gone through a real rollercoaster of feelings. We are very happy that the public and the industry have recognized these emotions, energy, and effort we have put into #neodricemse! Success at Golden Drum has given us the confidence to continue to fight not only for universal values, such as love and freedom but for courageous ideas also. We are grateful for that! “said Jovana Milosevic, Senior Copywriter at McCann Beograd.

The three Silver Drum awards were awarded to “I (Dis)Own my Child” campaign for Creative Use of Media and Public & Community Relations (Engagement category), and Non-profit Social Good (Social good category).

The Best of Genius Loci and three Silver Drums for McCann Beograd 3

“It is a great honor and pleasure to work on a project like this, where through a ‘neglected’ media such as print we saw a great campaign echo, which had a huge impact on all the other channels, thanks to good ideas and creativity above al. I would like to see more projects like this, where the message is being conveyed in the right way through the synergy of ideas and good media support,” said Ana Kovacevic, Account Supervisor at UM Beograd.

Aside from ” I (Dis)Own my Child” campaign, which reached the finals in five categories, the shortlist also included two other McCann Beograd campaigns: “#StayClean” (realized with Drive for Exit Foundation) in two categories, and “Baby chooses where” (realized with UM Beograd for Rosa brand) in one.

“The Exit campaign uncovered a completely different angle and a second look at, I would say, a decades-long problem. We are very pleased that this campaign has left (almost) no one indifferent, and that as such, it has entered the popular culture through social media,” Vladimir Cosic, Executive Creative Director of Agency Drive, said.

The Golden Drum Festival in Portoroz is one of the most important advertising festivals in the region, traditionally attended by the world’s best agencies. This year was the twenty-sixth time it was organized by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber (SOZ). 21 agency networks and 208 agencies from 26 countries participated in the festival.