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Or how we kept ourselves busy throughout summer without vacation
Summer is a time for vacations, breaks, leisure… except for McCann Belgrade and our client, Telekom Serbia!
Together, over the course of this spring and summer, we’ve realized six successful campaigns (and we’re only half way through July)
Uroš Uroševic, the account director responsible for Telekom Serbia, worked on all of these campaigns:
“Trends in telecommunications offer users simplified use of services and unlimited opportunities for the use of mobile devices as well as savings. These are the benefits that Telekom Serbia strives to provide for its users every day. In the actual campaigns we showcase those benefits, placing our user at the forefront and show that Telekom Serbia, through their services, simplifies the lives and satisfy the needs of all of their users.”
It all started in late spring, with an infectious, choral rendition of football chants by real Telekom sports fanatics in a campaign promoting the one-of-a-kind application “Teren” (Pitch).
“The product itself came easily, the brief wrote the solution itself. Our thinking was very rational, but we came to a relatively irrational outcome: the ‘Teren’ app is intended to complete and intensify the experience of watching sports. And the outcome of using the application as a lasting boost in supporter’s passion and a rise in their obsession with sports, which manifests itself as an explosion of passion for sports even in “civilian”, non-sporting situations. From insight to execution the path was very direct and clear, so we couldn’t really go wrong”, says copywriter Nemanja Stankovic, when discussing the campaign.

Naturally, the spotlight shifted to summer vacation, when roaming is used most – we promoted Roaming mt:s add-ons in a simple, yet entertaining TV commercial.
Copywriter Bojan Babic – “the usual suspect” behind many Telekom campaigns says: “When we’re preparing for a trip, we want to pack everything that we need. And one basic need when travelling is good roaming whose benefits form themselves by their own needs. All you need to do for your trip is to pack your roaming. Interspersed scenes of different cities, countries and shores visited by the protagonist of our campaign create a feeling of freedom, dynamism and lightness, the feeling that the whole world is ours.”

For business customers, there’s a real thought cloud of useful smart solutions – an entertaining explanation in an unusual animated commercial in a “tutorial” style. For all those who have asked themselves “what’s that Cloud?”, it’s must be clear now.

Pre-paid users don’t have to pick and choose anymore, as we invite them to “Have It All” in a cool ad (watch the commercial and have a think about how much effort it took to harmonize all those elements).
“The new mt:s offer has call time, Internet and text messages without limits. That’s why the ad for this offer shouldn’t have limits… constrictions of time, space or format. That’s why we conceptualized a TV ad in which our young protagonist easily overcomes the restrictions of regular TV advertising and brings us a fresh and unprecedented piece of advertising for this region”, says the author of the idea and creator of the TV scripts, Bojan Babic.

And naturally, for all those that can’t live without the Internet (although we don’t know anyone who can), there’s always mobile net. Nemanja Stankovic contributed to the campaign “Internet everywhere”.
“As always, when it comes to converged services, the biggest challenge was to find the optimal balance between the various elements of the communication and create a campaign that has two ‘main characters’: home Internet and mobile Internet. This problem was solved by covering the entire spectrum of Internet usage with a cute metaphor – the NET10 package allows you to carry a piece of household atmosphere wherever you go. That’s why the most important elements in our campaign were pieces of furniture that follow our user and allow them to feel the reliability and comfort of Telekom Serbia Internet usage wherever they are, making it feel just like home”.

Don’t forget the fun-loving family of Telekom users that meet in the campaign “Telekom BOX”.