Tanja Bošković: Letter to my younger self

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I really had thing to say to myself, even in my youth, but, unfortunately, it did not quite reach my brain. I have a daughter and I tell her exactly what I said to myself, and what I would like to bring here again as a lifetime message. It’s “Be patient”. Patience is the hardest thing that a person needs to get through. Patience is one of the toughest obstacles which requires great effort to overcome. It also requires great wisdom.

I said to myself in my youth “Be patient, be patient”, and at the same time, my teeth were cracking from essential impatience. But you can’t see it in the right way when you’re young. Youth is full of traps and obstacles. In your youth, you “throw” the crazy power you own. You throw it on yourself. And this is so much common with young women. They are themselves the biggest polygon for some sort of self-punishment, and no one can destroy you like you can.

It’s much more common with young women than in men. Because men are able to protect themselves from themselves. This fails in women. Women persistently attack themselves, with heavy weapons. This is the natural difference between men and women. I saw it in myself, my parents and my children. It’s one of the traits from this little single brain we have.

I would recommend to all the young people not to skip obstacles. Because I think that every obstacle is from God. Therefore, I feel that it is a great happiness to experience major obstacles in the early years. The bigger they are, the stronger we are more powerful we are, and we gain creativity to overcome them. You should also not be disturbed by contestation. Because they’re welcome in life.

When you have a lot of wind in your sail, it’s probable that they’ll crush. I was desperate when at one point of my career for not accomplishing what I thought I needed to. But I realized later that it helped me strengthen and be better.


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