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We assisted Maxi supermarkets in launching their unique product – a well-balanced meal for schoolchildren, making it appealing to both moms and children.

We are all aware that children like tasty snacks and sweets, which are most often not the healthiest food options. On the other hand, moms realize the importance of healthy and well-balanced nutrition, but lack time to prepare such meals on every-day basis. Further, publicly available data on eating habits of children in Serbia (the Institute for Public Health “ Batut” research) are not very encouraging – significant increase in  child obesity has been recorded.
This is why Maxi decided to develop a new, innovative product – packed lunch for schoolchildren available in five different options at a budget-friendly price. All of this was done in cooperation with a professional nutritionist in order to ensure that each meals meets the requirements and needs of active children.

According to Ana Todorović, the main nutritionist behind the SupeRučak: ‘SupeRučak was developed and produced in order to fulfill the highest standards for child nutrition. We picked and combined ingredients carefully, and ended up with a product that represents healthy and delish alternative to fast food, that is consumed more and more often nowadays, especially by schoolchildren.’

The name of the product, as well as its packaging were very carefully designed, and it was important that both moms, who look at it rationally, and kids buy into SupeRučak.

Nataša Radosavljević, Senior designer, was in charge of designing the packaging: Our task was to produce a practical, easily made and affordable packaging, which would at the same time be desirable for children to bring to school everyday  – we all know how much they care about their image at that age. We integrated a small lion illustration deriving from the Delhaize logo in order to ensure clear brand visibility, but still maintain the playfulness fit for the age of the target group.
The communication had two be two-fold – TVC in the form of music video with a catchy tune, but also a clear message of the SupeRučak product in order to let moms know what they would be buying for their kids.

Jana Savić Rastovac, Creative Director at the McCann Belgrade says:
‘This project is interesting because we were included in the process of developing the product for domestic market from the very start. The initiative is definitely in line with the worldwide trend for large corporations to act responsibly and come up with innovative solutions for specific needs of their consumers – in this case mothers of schoolchildren, but also children themselves. In line with the trend is the inclusion of the agencies in charge of communication in the process; from packaging to the name, all the way to all channels of advertising.

In order to make the communication as authentic as possible, we made the ad in the hip hop style, which perfectly speaks to our target group. We are very happy with the results and believe that this project will turn out to be a success!’

Ana Tiljak, Maxi Marketing Manager, about working together on the project: 
‘We are very pleased with the cooperation with McCann Belgrade agency that produced all-round solutions for the SupeRučak project. They helped us develop the product itself, from the lion mascot all the way to product name, packaging and POS  campaign and TVC, which is the leading communication element for SupeRučak.’