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I&F McCann Grupa donated one million-and-a-half dinars in aid to those affected and displaced by the recent catastrophic flooding in Serbia, and to assist in the repair of damage infrastructure.
The funds were paid into an account established by the Government of the Republic of Serbia for this purpose. Aside from financial aid, the group also donated half a ton of canned food to the Red Cross, as well as a laptop which is essential at this moment in time to keep track of data related to the relief effort.
I&F McCann Grupa appealed to all our employees in Serbia and the region to show solidarity with our worst-affected citizens by contributing to the relief effort as much as they reasonably can – hygienic essentials, food, water, clothing, blankets and other items are desperately needed to help those worst-affected by the flooding. Many of our employees responded to the appeal by volunteering at crisis centers, donating boats and rescue equipment, collecting and donating essential resources, amongst other actions. Some members of I&F McCann Grupa even decided to donate part of their salaries to aid flood victims.
It is our civic duty to show solidarity with the victims of this catastrophy and do everything we possibly can to help. In a situation when thousands of people have been left without their homes and a high risk of more flooding remains, we have to do everything within our capabilities to help those who need it most. I&F McCann Grupa will continue to add to already donated funds and assist those worst-affected by the flooding in the coming period.