McCann Steamboating – Open day dedicated to students

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The mystery of the creative idea.

Yet another open day dedicated to students, this time themed ‘The mystery of the creative idea’, took place as part of the McCann Steamboating. A large number of students from the Belgrade universities enrolled in classes focusing on creative industries had a chance to hear about the ‘trade secrets’ through interesting lecture and workshop held by creative professionals from the McCann Belgrade agency.

Through reflections on the working process and work organization in an advertising agency, Creative director of the McCann Belgrade agency Jana Savić Rastovac helped future young colleagues ‘demystify the mystery of the creative process’ by sharing tangible pieces of advice and examples of idea creating processes in the advertising industry.

After the lecture, practical workshops were held, where students were able to, assisted by the McCann Belgrade creative team consisted of Jana Savić Rastovac, Copywriter Miloš Paunović and Associate Creative Director Milena Kvapil, come up with creative solutions for some of the worldwide and home brands.

“Workshops where students can receive practical insight and hear first-hand what they could be doing are unfortunately rather rare here. This is why events such as this workshop are very important. Team work on a specific task is a simulation of the    real work experience. It shows how much better and more creative results we get when five people work and communicate about one idea, and mutually stimulate each other by providing different perspective”, said Đorđe Vidojević, third-year student of the Belgrade Polytechnic School.

Aleksandar Kaluđerović, first-year student of Production at the Faculty of dramatic Arts said that lectures and workshops were pretty effective, and added: “The creative task I was assigned with encouraged me to imagine things quickly. I was instructed in the way ideas are made. The approach i.e. creative formula was quite a surprise for me. What I can confidently say after this Open day is that I can totally see myself in the creative production.”

Jana Savić Rastovac, the Creative Director of the McCann Belgrade agency, pointed out that it was refreshing to be working with young people who are just entering the world of advertising. “Through these activities, we try to educate our future colleagues, to bring them closer to the creative industries and to in some way demystify our line of work. It will certainly be our pleasure to welcome some of the young colleagues we just met to start their careers in our agency’, added Jana.

This is the third in the row of McCann Steamboating Open day events dedicated to students, through which McCann Belgrade attempts to educate students and show them what advertising trade is about, as well as what it is like to be working for an agency.

McCann Steamboating – Open day dedicated to students 1 McCann Steamboating – Open day dedicated to students 2 McCann Steamboating – Open day dedicated to students 3 McCann Steamboating – Open day dedicated to students 4