McCann Beograd and I&F Grupa supporting Bitef

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Do we know what lays ahead? Will the future be good or not? This unknown is presented as the darkness within the visual solution for the 54th Bitef in the realization of McCann Beograd, which does not provide a hint of what is really ahead of us. A child standing on the edge of the unknown, as if he wants to jump in and explore the future. Still, we don’t know if he’s really getting ready to jump or just standing.

The topic of uncertainty does not necessarily have to be frightening. Graphically, black or no light can be soothing. Black has the ability to further emphasize another, lighter color. In that sense, we can and do not have to interpret the child as the only bright spot in the picture. This visual solution does not offer answers but calls for interpretation.

I&F Grupa, within which McCann Beograd operates, has been a partner of Bitef for the fourth year in a row. This year is a crisis not only of culture but a general crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It is no longer a situation, but a situation that has arisen as a consequence of all the novelties to which we have all had to get used. It is the new normality for all of us. And simply, we all need support, solidarity, most of all in culture. For that reason, McCann Beograd worked with an even greater dedication this year on the visual solution of Bitef.

The McCann Beograd team:

Jana Savic Rastovac – Executive Creative Director
Lidija Milovanović – Associate Creative Director
Branko Rosić – Senior Art Director
Filip Grujić – Junior Copywriter
Aleksandar Milojevic – Strategic Planner
Milica Kijanovic – Account Executive
Bojan Stevanovic – Account Assistant
Nikola Nikolic – Head Of Creative Services
Dejan Blagojevic – Production Artist
Jelena Lubardić – Associate Production Artist