Marina Maljković: Letter to my younger self

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Find out what Marina Maljković, the Serbian women’s basketball team selector, had to tell her younger self within the project being implemented by McCann Truth Central Beograd and Nedeljnik.


What if..? That Marina, my favourite and most beautiful, is how I would describe in short the task I got from Nedeljnik. From the helm of a kind of emotional time machine (because the time machine must have a helm and helmsman) and only with the help of imagination, without maps and navigation devices, I have to get to the child or young woman YOU, and give you a couple of short tips. And who knows you better than me, your future you, the bearer and the devoted guardian of all your memories?


To: Marina Maljković

Yuri Gagarin street…

11070 Novi Beograd, SFRJ

October 1981

I do not have much to say to the most beautiful baby born in Block 63, except to eat better and try not to be skinny. Although, I know you, you will not listen to me, not because you don’t understand me, but because your ” ga ga gu gu neeeee” is not a refusal, but a stance. You are born with character. It doesn’t just come along the way.


To: Marina Maljković

Vrtlarska Street…

11080 Zemun, SFRJ

May 1985

To my little girl, growing up from Vrtlarska Street in Zemun, through Block 30 to Block 21, I’d like to say: play more, as much as you can. In fact, I wouldn’t change a thing for her. She would certainly not have more love than in this triangle.


To: Marina Maljković

Ribareva Street…

21000 Split, SFRJ

September 1988

Marina, to you who just started elementary school, I say: feel free to fall in love with basketball because I know how much this mutual love is big, faithful and unshakable.


To: Marina Maljković

Đure Jakšića Street…

11000 Beograd, SCG

November 2001

As you can see, honey, people are a variable category, they’re good and bad, and they come and go. I was right about basketball, wasn’t I? It’s worth the sacrifice, believe me. All the schools and colleges can’t teach you what you already know… going to practices after school and after lectures in college is the only normal and correct thing to do


To: Marina Maljković

26300 Vršac, Serbia

October 2008

Dear coaching colleague, be diligent! Everything else follows the effort and talent.


To: Marina Maljković

Olympic village

20000-000 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

August 2016

See I was right? Now celebrate!


To: Marina Maljković

Somewhere in America

(i.e. 90210)

May 2027

My dear, every past has its future. If you are meticulous enough and diligent, you may be able to accumulate your experience to succeed in projecting yourself in the years ahead. Maybe you won’t. You would be yourself if you didn’t try! Maybe WNBA or even NBA! Who can stop you except God and yourself?

Instead of a “P. S.” for all these letters – my eternal advice, Marina, is to be what you are. And everything will be fine.


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