Lepa Brena: Letter to my younger self

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McCann Truth Central Beograd and Nedeljnik have launched an action in which celebrities write a letter to their younger selves or older ones, as a kind of confession collection. The first letter was written by Lepa Brena, a pop-folk singer, actress, and talent manager, and the top-selling female recording artist from the former Yugoslavia. Lepa is an example of the successful, strong woman who has made a brand of her name.

Lepa Brena: Letter to my younger self 1

You are ahead of your time and don’t expect everyone to support you along the way. Some will like you, some will not, but your sincerity, warmth and goodness will take you far. Much further than you’ve ever dreamed as a little girl. Everything you’ve experienced then, at the Young Builders’ Festival, is waiting for you on your way, multiplied. You will meet the most diverse people, and don’t let anyone discourage you, unhinge or turn you away from whatever you feel in the depths of your being. Your music is your tool, your smile is your weapon! You’ll have friends and enemies. And that’s all right. When you in full speed, some will hook on you, and some will simply – fall off. Do not try to explain to yourself why is someone like this or that. Try to overcome oneself. In business. In the songs. In the movies. It won’t always be easy for you. You will wake up in different cities, different countries, sometimes you’ll only know if you are in America or Europe, Australia or New Zealand. With people who understand you through your music, you will always communicate best. Because the language of music is understood by everyone. And it suits everyone. We are all the same before music. You felt it the first time you stood in front of an audience. Through this work you will have to change frequently. You will often be tired. But every time you get tired, remember where you started and what it looked like. That’ll give you new strength. And it won’t be difficult for you.

Don’t forget how old you are. And that you don’t just do your job. You should enjoy all the years. Choose your life companion wisely. A very important decision for a woman of your quality and career. If you choose the right one, both with your head and heart, many things through life will be easier. Partner support will be very important for your emotional stability. Do not ever neglect your family. When you get married and have children, there will be moments when you won’t be a heroin, but only a mom. A wife. An ordinary woman. And children will often not be interested in you being famous, acknowledged and respected. The kids will ask for their mom. Don’t ever neglect that part of your life. There will be times when your child’s embrace will be more important than any cover page. Only if you are happy privately with your family in your living room will you be happy on the scene. The two women will become one. You will have enemies. Who doesn’t? You’ll feel the injustice on your skin, but it’s all part of your life. You will give spectacular concerts, you will come down from helicopters to huge stadiums, because there will be so many people who will want to see you that there won’t be a concert hall big enough. Your name will be a synonym to a beautiful and successful woman. They’ll name all kinds of buildings, restaurants etc. by your name… there will be dolls with your face. The young and the old will both love you. The whole world will know you. You’ll record movies, travel all over the world. Your mission will be to send a message of love and friendship through music. You will make a documentary about your life. When you look back after 35 years of your career, you will see that it was worth it. Every hour, every minute, every breath you took. And most importantly – don’t be scared. Of anything, anybody, ever. Breathe deeply and just come out on the stage! The scene belongs to you anyway. Life belongs to creators, innovators, leaders and people who are sincere and have a vision. You just need to recognize it.

The “Truth About Age”, a study conducted globally by McCann Truth Central had interesting results in Serbia. In a country they are now calling the oldest in Europe, the results of this study have shown perception the Serbs have for the so called “mature years”. We learned that a large part of the population is indifferent, and that a significant part of the respondents is concerned and scared of old age.

That’s why McCann Truth Central Belgrade and Nedeljnik decided to launch an action in which public figures write “Letter to my younger self” and “Letter to my older self” All texts will eventually be compiled into a book in 2019 and will be a kind of confession collection and some kind of inventory of youth and promise of age.

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