Katarina Pribicevic and Aleksandar Djordjevic jury members at the Effie Awards in Serbia

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Director of Strategic Planning at McCann Beograd, Katarina Pribicevic, and Aleksandar Djordjevic, Director of Strategic Planning at UM Beograd, together with other experts in the industry were selected as members of the jury of the prestigious Effie Awards in Serbia.

“After a whole Effie season that has been skipped, but also a year of ‘waiting’ behind us, I am looking forward to the restart. The previous year has once again confirmed how important are the people we think about, for whom we create, with whom we communicate. That is why I am looking forward to projects with strategies developed in accordance with the needs of people, and the brands have managed to show how well they understand them, “said Katarina Pribicevic.

“I am happy to be a part of the event that celebrates creativity, which I certainly perceive as the most significant contribution to the marketing industry. I believe that the festival days will be marked by practicing the focus on the playfulness of ideas, at the same time encouraging authenticity and the skill of finding great solutions at a time when it is important to be strong. I am sure that this year’s support campaigns, as well as all the nominated campaigns, will once again show how much, in addition to investing in advertising, it is equally important to invest bravely in phenomenal ideas of individuals and agencies, “said Aleksandar Djordjevic.

As every year, all members of the Effie jury are distinguished experts in senior positions, with significant experience and professional reputation. This year again, the president of the Effie jury is prof. Srdjan Bogosavljevic (Ipsos Adria), and Vice President Jelena Sarenac (Henkel).

More info available at: https://www.effie.rs/organizacioni-odbor-i-ziri/