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McCann Beograd Creative Directors talking about Balcannes.

Jana Savic Rastovac and Vladimir Cosic, creative directors of „McCann Beograd“ agency speak for the Marketing Mreza portal, about BalCannes, the first regional creativity review held as part of the Weekend Media Festival.

What motivated you to enter your work for last year’s BalCannes and what sort of advice would you offer to those who plan to do so this year? 

Jana: We entered our work for last year’s BalCannes out of pure curiosity. There was good energy following this event from the very beginning. We took part, free of any competitive pressure, with a desire to take look at ourselves, as well as the world around us. And it was great!  If you plan to do so this year, just go for it!
Vladimir: Personally, I’ve found the idea of all sorts of regional creative exchange of ideas appealing for a long time, as well as a chance for a creative „comparison“ of the market. To put it simply, it is like a regional sports competition. All those who don’t want to remain enclosed within the limits of the local market which we are forced to do work in, should apply to BalCannes and feel, at least for a short while, as if they’re working in a larger country.

In your opinion, can BalCannes affect the development and the market of marketing communications in the region?

Jana: BalCannes is an outstanding regional initiative, “a window” into the region in which we live and work more and more every day. A great opportunity to make contacts, exchange experience and present the work of the agency to the relevant audience and media. I would like for BalCannes to maintain this delicately poised, exciting “showcase” character, which isn’t competitive. It is just comfortable enough for everyone, and inspires for further work.
Vladimir: BalCannes is an idea which already has a certain (significant) life, and has a huge potential. Naturally, the Balkan markets are directed towards each others, and as time passes, this will probably be the case even more so.  Accordingly, the significance of BalCannes will grow. On the other hand, more and more brands are embracing advertising creativity as inevitable, which is another reason for the growth of a regional (creative) festival.

What are your thoughts about the direction in which BalCannes should develop in the future?

Jana: Together with a mandatory showcase part, I think BalCannes should offer relevant workshops, carefully selected expert lectures and, for instance, open regional pro bono briefs to be resloved on location. The possibilities are numerous. Good will is all that is requred.
Vladimir: Concrete creative workshops, turning towards new media as well as meaningful education are the things that will make BalCannes even better. Beside that, it is necessary to maintain and nourish the specific nature of BalCannes as a gathering and exchange of energy between regional creatives and clients, seen at no other place.

Source:Marketing Mreza  http://marketingmreza.rs
Author: Ivana Parcetic