#InTheMoodFor Real Summer with Extreme Intimo

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Summer, beaches, sea, sand between your toes … oh no, no, this is actually a carpet!

McCann Beograd and Extreme Intimo brand of clothing have presented a new collection of swimwear on the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Russia.

#InTheMoodFor campaign took place in several phases. Firstly, an intriguing design was used to introduce just a fraction of the new collection to the public, which was then promoted by famous influencers, and then the entire collection was presented as part of a show at the Big Fashion Shopping Center in Belgrade. The campaign has drawn special attention with interesting visuals that convey the message that we can be ready for the real summer even before it arrives.

“We wanted to draw the attention of fans with various unbranded formats, alluding to all the usual fake visuals of the summer. You know those photoshopped pictures of beautiful women on white sand between palms in the Bahamas, in May? Well, in this campaign, instead of water (sea and pools), we had a carpet with a water print, wind in the hair with the use of fans, air mattress on dry land, carrots behind the sea background, and other details that we used to vividly emphasize that everything was happening in a studio. For this reason, the girl in the billboard is cutting the word FAKE – because she is in the mood for the real summer,” said Marko Živković, Associate Technical & Interactive Manager, McCann Beograd.

Mirjana Lončarević, Executive Director for Design and Marketing, Extreme Intimo, added: “Extreme Intimo is a recognizable brand that follows fashion trends and combines two passions: a desire to feel comfortable in our skin and love for fashion. McCann Beograd helped us present the new beach program in a very interesting way and inspire all our fans to be ready, unbound and in a good mood for the summer. We had fun working on the campaign and, most importantly, the reactions were positive.”

Among the influencers who participated in the campaign, there were Sara JoMima ZečevićVanja MilićevićNada Fitt and Ana Vukosavljević.

Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjCOjwdlXdl/?taken-by=extremeintimo

Project team:

Digital Creative Director: Vladimir Ćosić

Accounts: Marko Živković, Petra Rogić

Creatives: Zdravko Kevrešan, Sandra Stojanović

Content Specialists: Milica Zeljković, Jovan Radovanović, Sara Vermezović, Vladimir Kondžulović