Grand Prix “Campaigns with a Purpose” for Superhero project

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The festival of socially responsible communication “Campaigns with a purpose” announced for the second time the best socially responsible campaigns in Serbia, and among them were the campaigns “Superhero” by Mastercard and “For parenting as natural as Rosa” by the Coca Cola brand Rosa, which was realized by agency McCann Beograd.

This year’s title “Campaign with a purpose GRAND PRIX 2022” was won by the Mastercard Superhero campaign, designed and implemented by the creative team of McCann Beograd agency, which aims to help the Nurdor organization in the form of creating a sustainable system for receiving donations, as well as engaging people and collecting additional income for the construction of the Parents’ House in Belgrade.

“Mastercard’s long-term cooperation with the organization Nurdor has a clear goal – the construction of a new Parents’ House in Belgrade, but it is also much more than that. It is a collaboration that innovates the way individuals and the business community view giving and brings philanthropy closer to younger generations. Thank you to the jury of the “Campaign with Purpose” Festival for recognizing the purpose and values ​​that Superheroes stand for,” said Milena Đorić Gudurić, Marketing Director at Mastercard.

Jana Savić Rastovac, executive creative director, McCann Beograd, said on this occasion: “On the Superhero project, we are collaborating with wonderful people from the Mastercard company and the Nurdor organization, who are advocating for children with cancer. It is a great honor for us that this humanitarian project of ours now carries the title of Campaign with the purpose of GRAND PRIX for 2022”.


“Campaigns with a purpose” recognize, distinguish and encourage socially responsible communication intended for the benefit of children and individuals. One such campaign that was recognized in this way is the campaign “For parenting as natural as Rosa” of the Rosa brand of the Coca Cola company, which was created by the agencies McCann Beograd and V+O communication. This campaign, carried out during the first half of 2022 with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, drew attention to the extremely important role of the health care service in the first days of parenthood.

“Rosa water has been initiating and supporting initiatives and projects for more than a decade to create a better environment for mothers and babies, as well as for the whole family. We are very proud that the first festival of socially responsible communication in Serbia recognized our work and advocacy for the whole family and its youngest members and gave recognition to our campaign for Parenting as natural as Rosa, with the wonderful title Campaign with a purpose, which gives us a strong wind at our backs to continue our way of social responsibility,” said Marina Trajković, Senior Brand Manager of the Coca Cola Company.

“Creating a successful purposeful campaign within a brand carries with it a special kind of responsibility.” The more important the purpose, the greater the responsibility. The most important thing then is to find the best way to convey a strong message and create a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity, so that we can all enjoy the results together. That is why we are extremely glad that we stood behind such a large and successful project and became a supporter of the most important part of society – families in the making”, said Divna Peškir, Copywriter, McCann Beograd.

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Source: Mediamarketing