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Traditionally, consumers in Serbia for fresh fruit and vegetables prefer to go to the “green market”, especially since with some of the sellers, they build up a trust relationship over time, avoiding the purchase of these foods at the MAXI market. With the desire to change the habits of domestic customers, which was the biggest challenge, but also the incentive, we are creating a campaign that will have a personal seal and human story in itself.

In order to bring the MAXI market closer to an ideal place to buy fruits and vegetables, we have introduced families that for years have been very happy to produce fruit and vegetables for MAXI only, respecting stringent quality standards and food safety standards.

The main characters of the campaign were families producing fruits and vegetables only for MAXI. By representing the families of producers, we wanted to meet consumers with the origin of foods that they can find on a daily basis at supermarkets’ supermarkets.

Consumers want to know where the apple or green lettuce comes from, and we just gave this answer to this campaign.

Project leaders: Slavko Marković, Igor Petrović
Strategic Planning: Katarina Pribićević, Aleksandar Milojević, Vera Aćimović
Creative Director: Jana Savić Rastovac
Creative team: Miloš Paunović, Slavica Guskić
Digital team: Luka Ličina, Tea Terzic
Digital Project Manager: Sara Vermezović
Directed by: Miša Terzić
Production: Media Plus
UM: Milena Milinković, Vanja Đoković, Simonida Korolejić, Boško Stojanac