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IT doesn’t happen so often that a campaign provokes a huge media interest, „crushes“ the social networks, initiates a debate in the public, and fosters a dialogue between state institutions and the NGO sector – in just one day. This has been succeeded with the campaign #Unwanted, which crossed the borders of Montenegro and launched a discussion about prenatal tests abuse in the region.

In order to point out a problem that leaves a lasting impact on the demographic image of the society, the NGO Center for Women’s Rights, together with the agency McCann Podgorica, with the support of McCann Beograd team, initiated a campaign to launch a petition to prevent the abuse of prenatal tests which result in selective abortions. The cold statistics posed a challenge for the creators to devise a campaign that is serious and educational and which will at the same time raise awareness about this problem through the story of Unwanted heirs.

In order to launch a social dialogue, we created the song #Unwanted, which competed at the local Eurovision competition.

Campaign #Unwanted has received great public support from numerous public figures and the government of the Republic of Montenegro.

The project #Unwanted was realized by:


McCann Podgorica creative team:

Jelica Jauković , Sandra Vujović, Ivan Čelebić, , Saša Jovićević, Bojan Čude, Andrea Radojičić, Jelena Roganović, Aleksandar Raičević, Ivana Srećković, Dunja Šoškić, Vučić Popović, Sanja Marljukić i Milica Perović


McCann Beograd creative team:

Jana Savić Rastovac, Lidija Milovanović, Marija Vićić, Vladimir Ćosić, Sandra Stojanović, Zdravko Kevrešan, Sara Vermezović, Jelena Grahovac, Kristina Jovanović, Ana Antić


With the support and cooperation of the NGO Center for Women’s Rights.