Together for a house that every superhero deserves

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Childhood. When we look back, most of us will remember endless playing outside the house, first sympathies in the classrooms, tirelessly running inside the parks or meadows. Because that is what childhood is all about.

Sadly, some kids will have different memories. Those kids have a childhood marked with endless laying in hospital rooms and beds, while their peers sneakily look at their sympathies in school, and carelessly run around as soon as they drop their school bag.

Those kids are far from the eyes of the public. They are inside the hospital walls, fighting for a normal childhood.

Those kids are the real little SUPERHEROES.

Mastercard company decided to do its’s best to help those kids in their fight. Careful research showed that parental house would be very helpful. Also, the parental house is more than just accommodation. It’s a comprehensive project of carrying for families, which includes everyday transportation to therapy and back, always available psychological and social support, as well as volunteer visits in a family atmosphere where parents can support each other.

Therefore, to provide help to little SUPERHEROES we launched a massive local donation campaign:


That is why every contactless, mobile or online transaction made with Mastercard in Serbia, supported the fund that Mastercard donated for a new NURDOR parental house.