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How a global brand helped reintroduce tradition

Coca-Cola helped reintroduce local crafts and recipes

Coca-Cola, the iconic brand known for its global content, this time found an inspiration in rich local culture of Serbia. Wanting to support the forgotten old crafts, sounds, smells and flavors, McCann Belgrade created an innovative campaign that reintroduced the old tradition to younger generations using the brand’s platform.

Trough 12 episodes of the ’Unforgettable Tastes of Serbia’, Coke branded video series and a printed cook book, homemade local recipes from each corner of Serbia were presented;  samsa, belmuž, šufnudle, bulgur and many others were saved from oblivion. At the same time, local crafts were supported in a completely unprecedented way. In cooperation with old masters of crafts, after several months of crafting by hand in authentic local techniques, unique billboards were revealed in 4 different parts of Serbia. Along with thousands of passers-by, these most impressive traditional craftsmanship was available to the audience at exhibition during the Museum night in Belgrade.

Using an unconventional approach, Coca-Cola demonstrated that it is part of the local meals and gatherings, in addition to helping create a strong bond between valuable local know-how and generations to come.

Creative directors: Jana Savić Rastovac, Vladimir Ćosić

Creatives: Dubravka Petrović, Sandra Stojanović, Lidija MIlovanović, Kristina Jovanović, Miroslav Pavlović

Account: Jelena Lešević, Ivana Andrejević, Igor Petrović

Strategic planner: Marija Stošić

Production: Tuna