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In order to promote theatre to a new audience, we started an unusual viral campaign consisting of three videos together with the most famous theatre in Belgrade, Serbia – Yugoslav Drama Theatre.
Disguised actors drove taxi cabs and told their unsuspecting passengers unbelievable “personal stories” about murders, death threats and crazy family issues. Only at the end of the ride, shocked customers discovered that the stories were actually plots from classical plays that are part of the theatre’s repertoire. The whole story went viral immediately and gained huge PR attention.

All three videos went viral in just a few hours, resulting in more than 800 000 views in two weeks. Story was featured on most national TV stations, all major print and online newspapers and portals, shared on all social media. The PR buzz was created locally, regionally and internationally.


Creatives: Nemanja Stanković, Milena Kvapil, Bojan Babić i Marija Milanković
Strategic Planning Director: Katarina Pribićević
Social Media: Danka Hasanović i Zorana Stanković
PR: Ljiljana Radosavljević, Anja Kosanović, Marija Vićić i Radiša Kričak
Production: Emote Productions