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How super it is that when you come home, everything you love is waiting for you! You can laugh so loud so the whole neighborhood can hear you, you can shed a tear, cheer as if as you are sitting in the first row and you can fall in love or learn something new. And all of that at once, without compromises! That’s why it’s super when you launch a new brand!

The task was to create a visual identity and a tone of voice for the new cable service- Supernova. With the contemporary, minimalistic approach, we’ve created a brand that stands out from the competition and grabs the attention of the target group through the unchanging voice that points out the brand benefits and catches the eye of the wider target group. Inspired by the meaning behind the brand name, we created a recognizable visual identity. Asterisk-star (*) at the beginning of the text becomes a symbol for the footnote and in that way, our message gets a new meaning and becomes an important note. In that way, by speaking about what we value, what we love and what we are passionate about, we achieved a great deal of identification with the target group and presented a new star on the market.