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NURDOR, the national association of parents of children with cancer, does not have a sustainable system for collecting donations. Donations arrive spontaneously, one-time, when people remember or when an action is in progress. Additionally, during 2020, NURDOR received significantly fewer donations than in previous years.

Mastercard is a long-term partner and donor of NURDOR. However, these were still one-time financial donations. We want to change this approach and enable NURDOR to work smoothly by having its own, sustainable mechanism for permanent collection of donations. Mastercard is constantly innovating payment systems and improving online transactions. How can we use innovation, which is our way of life and doing work, as a potential solution to the problem facing NURDOR?

Our goal is for NURDOR to get a sustainable system for receiving donations, as well as to activate people through that system and collect additional income for NURDOR.

In order to enable Nurdor to have a constant source of donations, we created and donated an online platform and a fashion brand called Superhero. On that platform, each of us can easily, with a card, donate the amount we want, but also take some of the unique clothing items from the unique collection of superhero t-shirts and hoodies. The collection was launched with the help of a TV spot in the spirit and aesthetics of “Belgrade Gotham”, with actors who are also models on the website

In order to reach as many people as possible, we partnered with influencers from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, and television. We were present in the most popular domestic podcast, we were supported by local audio and visual artists, athletes, and musicians. We communicated “outside the house”, but also in famous fashion magazines, traditional media with high ratings and reviews, online and on social networks.

In the two weeks that we focused on achieving the set goals, we achieved all goals and even exceeded some. In the period when most people think about New Year’s gifts, from December 15 to 30, we managed to get into the hearts and minds, as well as the distribution of people’s budgets.

In just 15 days, over 2,400,000 RSD donations were received through the Superhero NURDOR platform! Additionally, we believed that the Superhero Collection would sell quickly, both because of its purpose and design. However, we did not believe that in just one day, in 24 hours, almost 30% of the collection would be sold and that certain items would be out of stock so quickly. In the 15 days between the launch of the brand and the New Year, as much as 45% of the collection was sold!