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In the times of economic crisis, beer consummation has dropped and the leading positions in the industry are taken over by more affordable brands. This is why it was about time that LAV beer speaks again directly to their consumer, every-day men’s man, and assist him in everyday situations: when he wishes to get out of an uncomfortable situation, catch the eye of a certain girl, motivate his crew, or just refresh himself. The recipe is simple, just: say LAV and you cannot go wrong!

And LAV was not wrong! The perception of the brand has significantly improved. LAV beer is a part of our pop culture again.

Creative Director: Jana Savić Rastovac
Creative: Bojan Babić, Nikola Puzigaća, Miloš Paunović
Account: Đorđe Milidžan,Aleksandra Bradić
Strategic Planner: Katarina Pribićević, Marija Stošić
Production: TunaFish
Director: Bruno Anković, Peđa Ličina