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In the jubilee year, Plazma presented a completely new Plazma experience named Plazma Slana (Savory). It is a variant of Plazma biscuit, which reached almost an iconic status and became universally synonymous for an excellent choice of snack. Keeping the widely recognizable shape and many nutrition benefits, Plazma Slana was positioned as a whole new set of options for indulging oneself; combined with yogurt, savory dipping, sour cream, cheese, and whatever crosses one’s mind.

We created a campaign around the origin of Plazma Slana and introduced the fans to the fairytale-like events which might (or might not) have happened that lead to its creation. The public was encouraged to start thinking about what really took place, the brand became talk of the town, and attention was drawn by ‘dressing’ social media profiles in the new blue color of the packaging. And while everyone was wondering and asking questions, the new Plazma experience, completely incomprehensible up until recently, has become a part of our lives and touched hearts (and palates) of many.

In the first couple of weeks, over a million packs were sold, and in the first couple of months Plazma Slana ranked No1 in the cracker category. Plazma Slana invited the public to discover their favorite combination. The question shifted from whether you have tried the new Plazma to what you combine yours with!

Creative director: Jana Savić Rastovac

Creatives: Miloš Paunović, Divna Peškir, Lidija Milovanović, Bojana Gajić, Jelena Nikčević

Account: Aleksadra Bradić, Jovana Stojanović

Strategic planner: Marija Stošić

Director: Istok Tornjanski

Production: TunaFish