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Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away there was an agency that wanted to try the interesting thing. They wanted to find again, to reinvent, to catch with their bare hands and return it to themselves – the ancient and magical, shiny and unique, careless and fabulous spirit of the real Christmas. They were kind of infected with that nut idea to actually get together and enjoy that time of the year. And the nuttiest of all was the wish to do it at work and for the clients…

They step into the long-forgotten fairy tale and wanted to ask Nutcracker for the advice. We don’t know why Nutcracker was so inspiring, was it because the story is several centuries old or because of their location where some other Christmas heroes were more known, but the result of the quest was marvelous.

Nutcracker appeared smooth, exposed, naked – like just born from a log and… multiplied! All of them – the Nutcrackers were like a blank white paper. Why? They didn’t know what Nutcracker from Balkans look like so they hesitated to take any expression and appearance.

CRACKLE, CRACKLE, CRACKLE… that was the spark to move every designer differently. Their imagination and crafty hands personalized each and every naked Nutcracker as a handmade gift for the special client with a unify advertisers Xmas message:


The firework of inspiration and firecrackers of joy made garrison of colorful Nutcrackers. Created in one day. Created by hand. Created with the best wishes and thoughts. Everybody smiled.

And all Nutcrackers lived happily ever after in tailor-made boxes with special story on it and colorable cover and they enjoyed fulfilled lives on shelves and office desks of our beloved clients.


Account: Aleksandra Bradić

Creative director: Jana Savić Rastovac

Art director: Jelena Grahovac, Bojana Gajić

Creative team: Branko Rosić, Lidija Milovanović, Branko Rosić, Slavica Guskić, Jelena Nikčević, Ivan Tabaković, Miloš Opačić, Zdravko Kevrešan, Milica Zeljković, Marija Mitić

Copywriter: Dubravka Petrović

Photography: Marko Todorović