Next Joy

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Next Joy brand positioned itself as the teen favourite. And when you are the favourite, it’s necessary to live up to your reputation! We succeeded in doing that and we did it in a way that has not been done before.

Launch campaign of a new peach flavor had a massive impact on a whole generation throughout TVC that resembles a music video, in which teens are overcoming their insecurities in different ways. However, that’s not all! The claim that has a double meaning, which says “Just try” was an inspiration for none other than the current biggest music star Coby, whose lyrics, in a short time, became a hit among the target group and broader. After the great success, those thirty seconds TVC had, a three-minute music video and a song of the same length followed it. For less than a week, this video had over a million views on YouTube.

Starting with the claim, which became a part of the slang and a kind of “meme”, then creative execution and linear storytelling that was put together with strategy in an unpretentious way, and all the way to the contemporary visual identity and Coby himself, as a voice of one generation- creating this campaign was one big adventure, whose quality is best described by the reactions of the public. Next Joy has become a brand that doesn’t impose itself to its target group but instead educates and encourages teens, inspires and is simply cool to them.