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In terms of image, mts faces challenges to appeal to younger generation. The brand decided to connect with young users at the place relevant to their culture and needs – popular Exit festival.
Through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology and a simple mobile app, mts made Exit come to life by placing specially illustrated animation triggers all over the venue and cool merchandize. The brand succeeded in upgrading the experience of the festival thus clearly distinguishing itself from numerous other brands and content.
For the first time, young people purposely looked for mts stands and activations. Thousands have downloaded the app, sharing the experience online and creating volumes of social media content and visibility for the brand among their peers.
Team:Creative: Sandra Stojanović, Kristina Jovanović
Accounts: Jelica Jauković, Jelisaveta Živanović, Marija Stamenović, Nenad Mojsilović
Creative Director: Vladimir Ćosić