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The telecommunications industry never sleeps. With its fast and dynamic grow, constantly trying to make new offers which are becoming kind of an equity point, while all the “big players” already offer all the key benefits oriented to the customer needs: unlimited SMS and minutes, internet measured in gigabits, roaming eligibility, offers including mobile devices combined with discounts on tariff plans and with cross promotions which include sophisticated packets, such as digital television etc, Telco needs to constantly reinvent it’s communication.

This is a moment when the role of communication is meaningfully rising. New mts tariffs brought a very competitive offer, especially in the “middle” category, with monthly bills ranging around 1000 dinars – which is the most popular among the users. But, alas, competition was playing the similar game and we were in a situation where something bigger needed to be done, something not just considering a rational buying decisions. It needed to awake deeper and exquisite emotions than the ones only related to content shares with friends and possibility of unlimited calls.


Faced with this situation, we have decided to take advantage of the fact that mts is the biggest national network, and – we could by all means say – a kind of a national treasure. And all of our national natural treasures are endangered. At that moment, we decided to adopt a cause-related marketing approach in a commercial campaign.

What we have realized is that mts has the power, strength and coverage, and as the national operator, mts has the right to stand in defense of the endangered natural treasures such as: Omorika (tree), Soko (falcon) and Morava (river). New tariffs are caring their names, and mts decided to invest 1 dinar from every monthly bill for the benefit of preservation of our world. One thing that mustn’t be forgotten is that every package is connected with offer benefits – Soko, that rise in the sky takes the name of the package with unlimited internet. After thoroughly testing, encouraged with good acceptance, we have launched the campaign that was greatly approved, and we can only say that we are very proud because, in our domain, we succeeded to contribute to one very nobble goal.

Creative Director: Jana Savić Rastovac

Creatives: Dubravka Petrović, Vladimir Vuković, Kristina Jovanović

Account: Radojka Bošković, Goran Jović

Strategic planner: Katarina Pribićević, Vera Aćimović

Production: Tuna Fish Studio