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The idea was to demonstrate the power and the coverage of the mts 4G network (in which mts is superior to the competition which has already advertised the service) – instead of explaining, we actually used the new 4G technology to broadcast LIVE unique TV commercials from all over Serbia. 140 one-of-a-kind TV spots, shot by phones, drones and cameras, were aired completely live during the commercial brakes on four national TV stations, using only mts 4G network connection. Campaign was supported by live online broadcasts on Periscope, as well as billboards, and daily updated print ads.


Creative Director: Vladimir Ćosić
Creative: Zdravko Kevrešan, Milena Kvapil, Dubravka Petrović, Nemanja Stanković, Rade Šaptović
Digital: Jovana Kovačević
Account: Uroš Urošević, Jelica Jauković, Marina Kolarić
Strategic Planner: Katarina Pribićević, Marija Stošić
Production: BlekBuk
Director: Dušan Ivanović