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It is widely known that children do not like eating fruits and vegetables. Every parent knows how hard it is to teach your child healthy habits in daily eating. Our mission was to promote one of the most important Maxi supply categories – fresh fruit and vegetables. This category is recognized by consumers as the best and the most modern offer in our market.

Through cheerful messages we promoted the benefits and quality of Maxi fruits and vegetables. Our funny songs remind consumers how important it is to increase the use of fruits and vegetables in their everyday diet and especially in children. Our idea was to bring children closer to fruits and vegetables and make them more attractive by speaking in a language that is close and interesting to them.

The main characters of our campaign were children, but also fruits and vegetables. Through fun animation and witty scenes with children we communicated songs that in a funny way describe some important characteristic of specific fruits or vegetables. In addition, we wanted to give children and parents one more reason to eat more fruits and vegetables. Using lyrics, we told children and parents that they are healthier habits – fun!

The campaign quickly achieved great success and was remarkably noticed. With this campaign we have demonstrated and proved why we are still on the convincing first place by perception of quality and freshness of Maxi market. Once again, we justified the title of the most beloved supermarket.

Project leaders: Slavko Marković, Aleksandra Bradić, Igor Petrović
Strategic Planning: Vera Aćimović
Creative Director: Jana Savić Rastovac
Creative team: Lidija Milovanović, Miloš Paunović, Mirjana Popović
Digital team: Luka Ličina, Tea Terzić
Digital Project Manager: Sara Vermezović
UM: Milena Milinković, Vanja Đoković, Simonida Korolejić, Boško Stojanac