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How Pirulo popsicles became more than just a snack

Nestle Pirulo popsicles, specially made low in sugar and high in fruit ingredients, enjoyed very limited fan base and visibility both with the primary (picky kids) and secondary target group (even pickier moms).

The challenge was on. Instead of the traditional communication, we created a whole PiruLOL universe of characters representing each of the popsicles from the portfolio. Through numerous format such as songs, YouTube cartoon series, online game, Escape room activation, promotions via selected young influencers, we established a bond and fostered interaction with great many kids and parents.

This allowed us to introduce Pirulo popsicles in a completely new and irresistible way, building brand love and awareness through the roof. The campaign generated over 122k YouTube views, 10k played sessions of the online game, anda grand total of 71k interactions via social media.

Digital creative director: Vladimir Ćosić

Creatives: Sandra Stojanović, Vladimir Kondžulović, Zdravko Kevrešan, Branko Rosić

Social mediamanager: Sara Vermezović

Account: Milica Vojnović, Aleksandra Bradić

Strategic planner: Aleksandar Milojević

Production: Fried