Heart on hate

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When we read at the beginning of the movie, that it is based on a true story, we right away start to look at it with different eyes. It becomes more emotional and more authentic.

The same goes for the comments – we used real, authentic comments full of hate from social media and used them in our new campaign for Sprite. In this campaign, we want to draw attention to peer violence and verbal harassment that is widespread across social networks.

We selected three local heroes, both famous and relevant, who were constantly confronted with hate throughout their childhood. But not only during childhood, but they are also still facing hate today.

They are Galeb Nikačević – famous journalist, Zombijana – well-known illustrator, and Nemanja Radičević – the only Serbian extreme athlete.

Through their stories, full of emotion, we wanted to send a strong and clear message to those who are facing haters every day. To identify themselves with our heroes and learn a mechanism to cope with hate.

And the mechanism is really simple:

<3 on hate.