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Belgrade, Serbia is overcrowded with outdoor ads, so it takes extra effort to get attention, especially if there is no large media budget. We’ve decide to turn that problem to our advantage! In order to promote a new workout program for the local Serbian branch of renowned international fitness franchise FitCurves, a guerilla outdoor solution was applied. We used a poster pillar that became “fat” after hundreds of layers of posters glued on top of each other, and cut the midsection of the layer, creating a shape that resembled a well-built woman’s figure. The message “Get your curves in shape” was positioned on a “belt” emphasizing new, thinner shape. This unique and innovative intervention on one of the oldest outdoor media gained great attention with minimal investment.


Creative: Dubravka Petrović, Marija Milanković
Creative Director: Vladimir Ćosić
Photographer: Aleksandar Jakovljevic
New Business Manager: Miloš Stanković
BTL Producer: Dejan Ivanov, Vladislav Prhal, Marko Mihaljević