Exit #StayClean

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Drug misuse takes away a vast number of young lives each year around the world, since it’s always present and burning social problem. Nowadays popular culture makes drugs ‘cool’ and various anti-drug campaigns have already tried to raise awareness of all the consequences. Still, none of them had much success – both in Serbia and worldwide.

That’s why we have decided to take different, more intriguing approach, allowing us and Exit festival to talk to youngsters, more openly and directly.

The whole campaign was based on one simple question: ’Do you know where your drugs come from?’. Our goal was to let potential first-time users know the brutal truth about the origin of drugs they consider trying, in graphic and disgusting, yet honest way.

By using this approach, our campaign managed to divide the whole public, allowing everyone to have a strong opinion on the subject. On the other hand, that allowed us to reach larger audience and make them visit stayclean.rs, where the Serbian Ministry of Health has prepared educational content about the drug misuse.