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Campaigns for cash loans and personal accounts for our client Raiffeisen Bank, have quickly achieved great success and created kind of small sub-culture phenomenon.

In addition to the fact that people are quoting the lines from our commercials, the local online community exploded with meme-photos in which the main character of the video was put in various funny and unexpected situations. As a reaction to the spontaneous viral, we initiated an online consumer contest, on our client’s Facebook page, where dozens of fun variations of the CAN DO situation were posted. The campaign produced great impact on our client’s business, which once again proved that a fun idea CAN DO great also when it comes to real business results!


Creatives: Milena Kvapil i Marko Prokić
Creative Directors: Jana Savić Rastovac i Vladimir Ćosić
Account: Jelena Lešević
Strategic Planner: Katarina Pribićević
Director: Petar Pašić
Production: Dr Fried