Baby chooses where

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Follow up of the CRM campaign “ROSA Breastfeeding Support” is tackling one of the current stigmas – breastfeeding in public. Why do serbian mothers, of whom only 13% are breastfeeding at all, have to hide, cover up, feel shame and discomfort in a public place for something as natural as feeding a baby? And we all know that babies are unpredictable and that babies choose where they get hungry. For example, during the Morning show on PRVA TV during mom’s live interview?


This is exactly how BABY CHOOSES WHERE campaign began. The baby of the famous model Bojana Barovic wept while she was in a show. Her mom, baby’s grandmother, brought her a baby and the campaign spontaneously began to unfold. The young mother was the first celebrity to breastfeed her son publicly on national television and the topic spaked conversation on social networks.


In just 6 hours, the BABY CHOOSES WHERE became a movement for the “liberation” of mothers. Positive but also negative comments flooded the portals. Different attitudes, opinions and mothers’ confessions were all around digital channels. Supporters of the ROSA movement, government institutions, cafes, restaurants, bookstores, galleries, museums, they marked their door with a sticker BABY CHOOSES WHERE. Over 1000 different places in the city supported breastfeeding in public. A #bebabiragde trended social networks for weeks with examples of mothers freely breastfeeding their babies wherever needed. ROSA once again justified its slogan because “WHAT MATTERS” is certainly support at the right place.