Cut the story short, find a better job

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The question “How is at work?” is a sore point for many. It’s one of those questions that can trigger an avalanche of frustration and pent-up stress that we try to keep inside. And as many there are reasons for dissatisfaction, there are as many reasons to doubt the chance to find a better job for ourselves.

With our client and long-term partner – poslovi.infostud, we thrived to create a campaign that will inspire people to find the right job for them. Our main goal was to increase visits to, and position ourselves as the right and first place for job ads – both for employees and employers.

Our strategic approach was to show how the time we waste complaining about a job is enough to find a new one. We have carefully chosen the channels of communication, to appear in places where these conversations happen naturally.

In our search for a creative outlet, we discovered that there are people we naturally confide in about all of life’s problems, even when it comes to work. These are our hairdressers!

We decided that the basis of the campaign would be 4 stories inspired by the true dissatisfaction of people in Serbia, which they shared during their visits to hairdressers. In addition to a series of sentences that we have heard or said many times, the whole concept is rounded off by bold and attractive art direction both in the stories themselves and on social networks. Therefore, the unique characters with their descriptions of work experiences have become characters in which everyone can recognize themselves. Our heroes also visited other places where people share their business problems: taxis, restaurants, and cafeterias through various forms of branding.

The desire was to show how we can complain to the hairdresser about the boss, colleagues, amount of work, etc., but also that we can use that time to find a new, better job for ourselves at

Our stories found their way to their audience. During the campaign, we managed to redirect 3.7 million job calls to the right address – This number of visits represents an increase in sessions of up to 20% compared to usual.

More importantly, we were able to attract 33% of new users who will potentially find a job they won’t have to complain about. In addition to people, companies also recognized our campaign. Thus, the number of new infostud clients increased by as much as 25%!