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Realizing the global platform Start Something Priceless on the local market to celebrate the International Women’s Day. It is a day of celebration of personal, professional, political and social rights and the achievements of female members. It is also a day celebrating gender equality and empowering women. Mastercard® wanted to realize an action that encouraged everyone to show understanding, support and love.

As the eighth of March is most often given a flower, in the street Kneza Mihaila in Belgrade, passers-by welcomed the great Mastercard flower wall that contained as many as 2,500 roses that the passers-by could take with them and process their mothers, wives, sisters, friends.

The Mastercard floral wall is part of the famous global platform Start Something Priceless, which was born from the idea that the experience is more valuable than things, but also the need to pay more attention to the beautiful things that are happening around us, and to start them ourselves. Each rose on it had a branded Mastercard message “For me, you are priceless”, in an effort to further inspire women to be bold and follow their dreams.

Mastercard shows that it easily links people with unique opportunities, suggests that experiences are often more important than material things and encourages them to start something invaluable today.

Project leader: Milena Đorić
Creative Director: Jana Savić Rastovac
Creative: Branko Rosić