Bronze medal for “Taxi Drama” at the Cresta festival

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McCann Belgrade’s “Taxi Drama” campaign won the bronze medal at this year’s Cresta festival in the Media & Entertainment (online film) category.
This campaign was made in the attempt to reposition and refresh the image of one of our most renowned theatres, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, and is the only campaign to enter finals from the South East Europe and win an award at this prestigious festival.

“Ever since the few initial “Taxi Drama” scripts, we believed in campaign’s potential i.e. quality. Awards on the home and international scene naturally followed up as the confirmation of this potential. The award at the Cresta Festival has made us happy and strengthened our belief that a good idea and a good story always find their way to implementation and reach to people”, Olivera Perković pointed out, Managing Director of the McCann Belgrade agency.

“Taxi Drama” campaign, along with great popularity and positive impressions by the public, as well as awards at home festivals, also had great success at regional and international festivals, winning awards such as SoMo Borac for online block buster at the Weekend Media festival in Rovinje, Golden and Silver Drum at the Golden Drum regional festival in Portorož, participation in the finals of the AdCup Festival, as well award at the renowned New York Advertising Festival.

Cresta Festival is one of the most prestigious events in the field of advertising, organised by the New York company Creative Standards International, in cooperation with the International Advertising Association (IAA). The Jury, composed out of hundred creative professionals from around the world, rated works that entered on the basis of two criteria: diversity of the creative idea and quality of its implementation.

Check out “Taxi Drama” campaign at: