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We have invested a great deal of enthusiasm, knowledge and experience but above all – our creative passion into „And we’re always together“ campaign, all the time preparing the entirely new communication platform.
As a result, we have established a contemporary and attractive creative expression that we have passed on as the identity and values that Carnex brand stands for, and most important- communicates with the consumers.
Carnex pâté is highly recognizable, and is a constant part of family meals for generations. With this campaign, we have expanded our horizon, and placed the product into a context of a modern family, which is in today’s sense every place where we feel like home, among people we consider our own. Our wish was to send a message which will remind us of emotions that moves us all, and which we often tend to repress living a hasty everyday life.
We are very pleased to find out through the reactions of our consumers and partners that we have succeeded in our intentions.