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An open panel discussion about the ads we love at UK Parobrod, November 26, from 8 pm

After the charity exhibition of typography works “McCann Freestyle“, McCann Parobrodiranje” (“McCann steamboating”) continued on November 26th with an open panel discussion on the following topic: “Ads can be art?”

The panel was devoted to commercials which make the everyday life and world better and more interesting – whether it is by the ideas they inspire, the humor which makes us smile or the exciting aesthetics. Director Misa Terzic, drama professor at the Faculty of dramatic arts Mirko Stojkovic, marketing manager of “The Coca-Cola company” Milica Vulicevic Basorovic, graphic designer and professor at the art and design faculty Isidora Nikolic, PR manager of “MTV Adria” Hana Adrovic, and creative director of “McCann Beograd” Vladimir Cosic all took part, speaking about commercials they find it is worth talking about.

“A moment of freedom, the possibility to say what you mean, emotion, the human aspect, it is the essence of a commercial. And if within it you have your own 5 minutes, then it is art.”, said Misa Terzic. According to him, we are not a brave nation, because we are not willing to take a step further in advertising.

Vladimir Cosic claims that it is very primitive to think that art is intended for a narrow target audience. “The point of a commercial is to send a message to as many people as possible, and not to a closed circle. Art can and must have its commercial moment”, added Cosic. He said that today there are commercials that are genuine small works of art, but they are a minority.

On the other hand, there is no need for commercials to push their way into becoming art, because art itself is at a very low level today. He recommended to those present to watch the commercials of Misa Terzic and Marko Djilas.

Isidora Nikolic considers that today’s commercials are proof that we have very creative people, but that there is nothing creative in today’s advertising. “Commercials illustrate the spirit of time. The students of today mostly have the ‘just take the money and run’ approach. They do not strive towards ideals and art.”, says Nikolic.

The panelists agree that commercials should get a more profound sense, without sale being their only goal. The direct message of a commercial is good if you wish to sell a large amount of your product, while creativity and art are always a better long-term solution. Emotion and commercials are a good blend, making the consumer become more actively engaged.

Text published on “Marketing mreza” portal

Author: Ivana Parcetic