Silver, Coporate and internal PR – The Nutcracker

Gold, Integrated campaign – TelCo services and products category – “mts – čuva tvoj svet nove postpaid tarife”, mts

Bronze, Direct marketing campaign – “Započni nešto neprocenjivo”, Mastercard

Bronze, Integrated campaign – Retail – “Znate od koga kupujete”, Ahold Delhaize

Silver , Brand PR – „Maxi Retro”, Ahold Delhaize

Silver, Integrated campaign – Retail category – “Maxi pijaca – voće i povrće”, Ahold Delhaize

Gold, Integrated campaign – Drinks category – The Red Thread, The Coca-Cola Company

Gold, Serbian Advertising Promotion Aborad category – #Unwanted, NGO Women’s Right Center

Gold, Socialy Responsible Campaing category – #Unwanted, NGO Women’s Right Center

Dragan Sakan New Idea – #Unwanted, NGO Women’s Right Center

Art and Craft music and sound – #Unwanted, NGO Women’s Right Center