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The first opened supermarket in Belgrade on Cvetni trg started working on 28 April 1958. In April of 2018, 60 years have passed since that date, and Maxi wanted to organize a celebration on that occasion. The task was to remind the citizens of the good times when the first supermarket was opened in Belgrade, on Cvetni trg.

In order for the fellow citizens to awaken their feelings and bring them closer to the significance of this anniversary, we organized a kind of small retro festival in a location where the oldest supermarket in Belgrade has been for 60 years.

On Cvetni trg a great event was organized featuring music, exhibition and service. The square was decorated with various stands and exhibition works that reflected the old good times. Big concert was organized by Bisera Veletanlić and Vasil Hadžimanov, a well-known Beatles cover band Bestbeat, and the children’s music program was completed by the choirs Kolibri and Čarolija. Some older passers-by recalled their youth, and the younger ones enjoyed meeting a different world that they had not experienced.

A 5,000 retro magazine was distributed, 2,000 postcards with retro stamps, more than 970 photos with retro props were produced, an old-timer exhibition was organized, as well as a retrospective of fashion, music and sports trends, distributed over 1,200 pancakes and fruit meals. There were shouts and singing, great photos, laughter and good tones. A total of 12 hours of programs were realized, and the site was visited by more than 2,000 visitors.

Project leaders: Slavko Marković, Vera Aćimović, Ana Babić
Strategic planning: Katarina Pribićević, Aleksandar Milojević
Creative Director: Jana Savić Rastovac
Creative team: Miloš Paunović, Slavica Guskić
UM: Milena Milinković, Vanja Đoković, Simonida Korolejić, Boško Stojanac