“McCann Truth Central Belgrade” presented the study about the level of psychophysical wellbeing in Serbia THE TRUTH ABOUT WELLNESS
The expert centre “McCann Truth Central Belgrade” has presented the results of the research: “The truth about wellness”: a study about the level of psychophysical wellbeing in Serbia.” On this occasion, a panel discussion was organized where the participants shared their experience, their thoughts and comments on the discoveries of the Study.
The speakers on the panel discussions were M.D. Nataša Šikanić, psychiatrist, prof. Dr. Dejan Radenković from the Clinical Centre of Serbia, Mirjana Karanović, actress, Đorđe Visački, general secretary of the Olympic Committee of Serbia and Marko Šelić Marčelo, writer and musician.
The panelists agreed that the concept of wellness in Serbia is being approached rather superficially and that there is not enough knowledge on what and how affects our wellness, as well as the will to apply what we already know.
“The concept of wellness is rather complex and it means the psycho-bio-social harmony of an individual. The research carried out by our expert centre shows how most of us don’t understand the concept of wellness and that we approach it partially and superficially. Two factors are important for reaching wellness: the knowledge of what affects our wellness and the will to apply what we already know. The research shows that momentarily neither of these two exists in Serbia”, says Željka Mićić, analytic and development manager at “McCann Belgrade” and adds that, as a nation, we are quite prone to look for the causes for achieving a higher level of the total psychophysical wellbeing primarily in external factors.
In the opinion of our examinees, the number one enemy of the achievement of wellness is the economic situation, i.e. the lack of money. However, when they were asked to specify what they do for their personal wellness, we have realized that actually wellness is made of small things that do not require a lot of money, but hard work and strong will.
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