Humanitarian exhibition “Home/Hope – The Rain’s Still Falling” in support of flood victims

A fundraising exhibition was organized by our agency at the Belgrade Cultural Centre under the title of “Home/Hope – The Rain Is Still Falling”.

All proceeds from the sale of one-of-kind works and specially-designed accessories were donated to help those worst affected by recent flooding.



“The moment has come to remember that the problems in areas affected by flooding persist and that the people who live in those areas still need our help”, claims Olivera Perkovic, the director of agency McCann Belgrade, adding: “Our idea was to utilize what we’ve got – our knowledge, the talent of our creatives and colleagues and of course, our experience, and use it to mend the damage as best we can. Everyone who bought an exhibited work, as well as those who are yet to do so, is helping people who lost their homes in the floods, as all collected funds will be deposited into the bank account established by the government of Serbia specifically for this purpose”



The authors of the exhibited works are Marija Milanković, Lidija Milovanović, Tereza Cenić, Nataša Radosavljević, Marina Čavić, Kristina Jovanović, Branko Andrejević, Branko Rosić, Zdravko Kevrešan, Nenad Dodić and Marko Prokić, otherwise designers employed at agency McCann Belgrade. Tatjana Kuburović, the designer behind the brand Superheroina Cura Fina also contributed. Aside from their works, those in attendance could also buy specially-designed mugs, bracelets, bags, shirts, rain coats, umbrellas and diaries bearing the designs of the exhibited works by the aforementioned authors.



“The whole design team tried hard to find their own, personal angle. As a result, we have a truly varied body of works, from minimalist graphics, to various illustrations, all the way to artistic re-interpretations of works from art history. Given that the proceeds of all the works will go to charity, I’m sure that each one will find their way to a buyer with the appropriate sensibility”, claims Lidija Milovanović, Senior Art Director at McCann Belgrade.



Numerous, well-respected individuals from Serbian cultural and public life were present at theexhibition, including Ivan Tasovac, the minister for culture and information in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Dennis Keefe, the British ambassador to Serbia, actors Milica Zarić and Bojan Perić, Srdjan Šaper, the founder of agency McCann Belgrade, and many others.



The rest of the exhibited works can be ordered online via: