It’s well know that creatives at McCann Beograd often lead double lives. When they finish with conceptualizing, writing and designing campaigns, they throw themselves into their own independent artistic projects.

Our designer Marina Čavić has spent the past four years designing cool, unique handbags that light up the streets of Belgrade and Sarajevo.


Marina tells us:

“With me and fashion design, it was love at first sight. It was four years ago that I started a story called “ruKom” with my sisters. Devising new and different products, the biggest challenge was conceptualizing and designing a hand bag – from using canvas as a material in the creation process, to the design. The challenge is also never-ending inspiration; every collection creates individual, different, one-of-a-kind handbags, and other ruKom products that are more and more difficult to count. My favorite and dearest ruKom products are those that come out of collaboration with people who are dearest to me”
And how does our designers tie together her “before and after five” work?
“The experience I’ve gained in advertising is definitely a big plus for my parallel development. I don’t think that I would even say it’s after-five work, but it’s not just after-five fun either, as it’s both one and the other, or rather the best of both worlds. The best thing of all is that ‘ruKom’ both demands and allows me to communicate daily with my sisters who live in B&H, in Sarajevo, where you can find our cute little shop”
Marina is proud that she’s finally won the adoration of Belgraders, the city which Marina says is “her own” for the past twenty years: “In September last year our story started a new chapter. The promotion “say it with your hand” in Belgrade, in which we present our new collection of handbags and ties, was inspired by quotes by Marko Radovanc, is definitely the dearest moment for me, as one friendship developed a new dimension”