Imagine – during the day you’re employed as a creative in an advertising agency, but at night you become the heroine of a comic strip.


Tereza Cenić, junior art director, one of the youngest members of the McCann team, the author of the entertaining EGOTREEP comic. Her blog and social media accounts featured autobiographical episodes from the everyday life of a young hipster who really, really hates it when people call her that (sorry, Tereza).

“The comic began more than a year ago, originally as an inside joke on Facebook, but spontaneously developed into my weekly illustrated commentary on everyday events and personal interactions with other people, which actually is the basis of the web comic medium. People react to the blunt thoughts I communicate through the comic – funny, clumsy, charming and hipsterish – but then again, it’s only when they make it into the “public sphere” that I realize recognise themselves in the reactions of the given circumstances”, says Tereza about her work.

But is it all really “true” or not? Tereza explains:
“There’s definitely a lot of fiction, and it’s funny when the ‘public’ interprets individual episodes literally. Advertising has a big influence on the development of each episode, both as a temporary issue and through the work process. Besides the concept behind the episode and the endearing illustrations that serve as vessels for the comic, copywriting, storyboards and TVC scenarios all influence the development individual episodes. Drawing comics is simply working on something that you love and what’s yours and nobody else’s.”
You can follow Tereza’s illustrations on: