Agency McCann Belgrade successfully conceptualized the continuation of their renowned campaign for Raiffeisen Bank

Really Can do
Following the resounding success of McCann Belgrade’s “Can do” campaign for Raiffeisen bank, which won an award for campaign of the year 2013 at Smotri kreativnog stvaralaštva “Snaga kreativnosti”, the campaign has received a sequel. It’s rare to find campaigns that achieve great publicity and get an equally successful sequel, as it’s a huge challenge to conceptualize a new creative solution on the same platform. These factors created a great challenge for the creative team at agency McCann Belgrade, not simply because the current “Can do” campaign stimulated growth in all key parameters and operational results for Raiffeisen bank, but also because its effective slogan penetrated all aspects of daily life, and every utterance of the word “can do” inevitably creates an association with Raiffeisen bank.
“The new campaign continues from where the previous slogan left off, but with one important development – removing the reply of ‘sure’ out of the expected association to the benefits offered by the bank’s products, and placing it into the actual lives of the actors, that is, popular actors Ana Sofrenović, Jelena Gavrilović and Dragan Mićanović, who won the affection of not only our clients, but the wider public too. Through their three testimonials we succeeded in making the concept of “sure” livelier and warmer, and we believe that through that we’ve ensured its lasting and effective association to Raiffeisen bank in the coming period”, claimed Katarina  Gaborović, the director of the marketing and PR department at Raiffeisen Bank.
The “Can do” campaign became a real cultural phenomenon in the form of a spontaneous viral meme on social networks. Inspired by the dialogue from the spot, which is often recited in everyday life, the agency flooded the Internet with meme pictures in which the heroine of the commercial found herself in various entertaining and unexpected situations, and the campaign’s sequel quickly made ripples amongst the public. That’s how a new “Can do” meme appeared, this time with an SMS number to help those affected by recent flooding. The commercials also inspired illustrator Marko Somborac, resulting in one of the “Can do” situations making an appearance in one of his popular satirical comic strips.
“It’s always hard to do a sequel of a campaign that achieved great success. The primary aim was to conceptualise creative solutions that remain on the same platform, but which are on the other hand sufficiently fresh and new, so they don’t bore the audience through oversaturation and repetition. We’re aware that the “Can do” campaign was well-received by the public, and especially in the case of actress Jelena Gavrilović, affected the personal popularity of the actors. We played with the relationship between the actors and their characters in the sequel of the campaign”, claimed Bojan Babić, copywriter at agency McCann Belgrade.
Alongside a series of three new TV ads that act as the sequel of the campaign, McCann Belgrade also conceptualized a series of print ads, as well as banners for the campaign.
Three new spots were created for the extension of the campaign.