One-of-a-kind, hand-painted billboard appears on the streets of Belgrade

Style with a Belgrade Attitude
Belgrade, 5. May 2014 – Creative agency, “McCann Belgrade”, realized a one-of-a-kind campaign for independent craft tie-makers, “Mascot” –a family-run shop with an 80-year-old tradition of hand-made mens ties and bow ties– placing a hand-painted billboard on the streets of Belgrade for the very first time.
Running with the idea of “hand crafted”, a worthwhile art that’s sadly dying a slow death, as the primary element of the campaign, the creative team at agency “McCann Belgrade” conceptualized and realized the placement of a one-of-a-kind, unique, hand-painted billboard, placed at close proximity to “Ušće” shopping centre, where consumers have the opportunity to buy products from huge multi-national brands, amongst other things.
The campaign was conceptualized in one day – after paying a visit to the Mascot workshop and having a discussion with Mr. Zečević, the members of the strategic planning team formulated the creative brief, and following that our team of seasoned creatives conceptualised and realized the main elements of the campaign after which they presented their idea to the creators of the famed tie makers of Nušićeve street, who couldn’t hide how amazed he was by the creative solution: “I’m glad that the young people at agency McCann Belgrade recognize the value of old, traditional expertise and our unique, hand-crafted work, and that they exerted themselves to produce a interesting campaign which I hope will turn their attention to something, that in this precise situation, my family has committed themselves to over near enough an entire century. Unfortunately, workshops such as ours are increasingly rare in Belgrade, but I sincerely hope that these sorts of initiatives will help keep them in business in an age of consumption and mass-production”.
The billboard was hand-painted, much like the production of the ties, by Lidija Milovanović and Nenad Dodić of agency, “McCann Belgrade”.
“Our aim was to pay tribute to the value of hand-crafted products and family-run craftsmiths as a inseperable part of Belgrade’s tradition and history. We all know that hand-made products are uncomparably original, interesting, authentic, but also of greater quality than mass-produced ones. Therefore it was logical that our visual solution be hand-crafted as well. Work on the “hand-made” billboard was a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring a piece of ourselves into our work and place our own personal watermark onto the communication”, states Lidija Milovanović, Senior Art Director at agency, “McCann Belgrade”.
Agency “McCann Belgrade” realized that the importance of helping an independent family-run craftshop with a tradition of hand-produced mens ties, and through there realization of pro-bono campaign, “Style with a Belgrade Attitude” proves that there’s no such thing as “small” or “big” clients for the agency, but their approach to their work, the right ideas and the commitment of the young professionals that they employ, push the boundaries of creativity, not just in their own country, but in the entire region. 
The team at agency, “McCann Belgrade”, which worked on the realization of the campaign: Katarina Pribićević, Strategic Planning Director, Vladimir Ćosić, Creative Director, Milena Kvapil, Associate Creative Director, Lidija Milovanovic, Senior Art Director, Nemanja Stanković, Copywriter, Nenad Dodić, Art Director, Miloš Stanković, New Business Manager and Dejan Ivanov, BTL Producer.
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